New Avenue

Our show homes were design by Kevin Casey, the founder of New Avenue. We designed the first several homes for New Avenue as well as a few model show homes. These projects include The New Backyard Cottage for Sunset Magazine, a San Jose Clean Energy Showcase, and a Modular Home of Innovation that was sponsored by the California Builders Industry Association. Over 100,000 people have toured the show homes to date.

Casey’s experience includes various roles in community development, technology and finance. He obtained an MBA from the Haas School of Business at UC Berkeley, researched economic and community development as a Fulbright Scholar in Indonesia, and holds a B.A. in Economics and Anthropology from Fordham University.

The anthropologist in him believes that our homes and our communities should address our emotional and social needs, and he founded New Avenue to offer an alternative to the broken financial and home building industries that have lost touch with this mission. With a father who is an urban planner, a grandfather who was a modular builder, and having worked construction college, he learned enough to build his own home from scratch and that the greatest challenges in development are education, communication, and planning. He also grew up in a pre-fab Sears Catalog home built in 1908.

Most importantly, his role at New Avenue is the office side. The MBA is the terminal degree in administration-and administration is what the New Avenue platform manages. Design work for New Avenue is by architects and construction is by contractors.

These homes are models for new ways to create and use traditional homes.

Berkeley, CA

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