The New Avenue Team

Kevin Casey - Founder and CEO

Kevin Casey - Founder and CEO

Kevin Casey - Founder and CEO

Casey’s experience includes various roles in community development, technology and finance. He obtained an MBA from the Haas School of Business at UC Berkeley, researched economic and community development as a Fulbright Scholar in Indonesia, and holds a B.A. in Economics and Anthropology from Fordham University. Early in his career he was a Vice President responsible for the design and project management of Oracle business intelligence systems for US Trust and Charles Schwab.

The anthropologist in him believes that our homes and our communities should address our emotional and social needs, and he founded New Avenue to offer an alternative to the broken financial and home building industries that have lost touch with this mission (and also happened to create the biggest financial crisis since the Great Depression). With a father who is an urban planner, a grandfather who was a modular builder, and having worked construction for an uncle during college, he learned enough to build his own home from scratch and that the greatest challenges in development are education, communication, and planning. He also grew up in a pre-fab Sears Catalog home built in 1908.

Justin Martinez - VP of Product

Justin Martinez - VP of Product

Justin Martinez - VP of Product

Justin Martinez has a Civil Engineering B.S. and a Structural Engineering M.S. from UC Berkeley. With an interest in systems engineering and programming, he has worked with professors and researchers in developing and deploying cloud infrastructures and servers through his undergraduate and graduate education. He is self-taught in frontend, middleware, and backend web development and has experience with WordPress, Drupal, Django and Rails. Justin leverages open source software and custom modules to create AJAX applications, interact with cloud services and APIs, and craft and improve user interfaces and experiences. Justin's ongoing work with New Avenue involves integrating and organizing the company's business logic and systems in the cloud, providing and exploring technical solutions, and designing interfaces for not just New Avenue but also homeowners, designers, and builders.

Board of Directors

Chris Harris

Chris is an Engineering Director within Google's Display Advertising business, leading teams that improve ad scoring, auctions, and bidding. Previously, Chris lived in San Diego where he graduated from UCSD and co-founded five companies in various industries, but all involved applied machine learning. Three of the five companies were sold and represent thriving business units in their parent companies today.

Richard Banks

Richard is the former President of the West Division of Archstone-Smith, one of the largest multifamily housing developers and the former President and COO of Mercy Housing, one of the largest non profit affordable housing developers. Richard also managed a 70,000 unit housing portfolio in Germany for Cerberus/Goldman Sachs.

Scott Kucirek, Partner of OCHO Candy

Scott is a Partner in Five Star Organics, was formerly the Head of MLS Initiative at California Association of Realtors and served as General Manager of Prudential California Realty. He Co Founded ZipRealty Inc. the first full-service web-based real estate firm. Mr. Kucirek served 9 years in the U. S. Navy as a Naval Aviator. Mr. Kucirek has an MBA from the Haas School of Business, and a Bachelor of Science in Bioengineering from the University of California at Berkeley.

Larry Castellani

Active private equity, hedge fund and seed stage investor.

  • Managing Director & Co-Head of Institutional Sales at Strategas Research Partners, a macro-economic research firm based in NYC.
  • Member of Board of Directors of Surfacide LLC, a manufacturer of UV-C disinfection systems.
  • BA from Colgate University in Economics and Political Science.
  • Lieutenant, Ladder 43 / Darien Fire Department